Friday, May 9, 2014


I feel like a lot of times when going through blogger, I'm always pushing the boundaries a bit. A lot of blogs seem to always be happy and awesome and they just won this free product from someone and it's great! And then, I'm over here in my little corner of the blogosphere wondering, hey, should I actually write about this? Is this something that you just pretend like it never happens? Am I the only one this happens to?

My favorite moments are when I find someone cutting down those walls and sharing what life is actually like. That they have zits. That they don't have the perfect relationship and baby. That they've struggled with mental health. That they're secretly gross like me. (I took a quiz on buzz feed about how secretly gross are you, and I got pretty gross. In the guise of not being fake, I am sharing this fact with you all!) When I find those blog posts, I instantly feel a connection with that person and will automatically follow them on their life journey because I know it isn't going to be this filtered, awesome time.

I want to be that blog for others. I want someone who is perhaps struggling to find a post about something that relates to them that someone else might not talk about. There's some sort of relief in finding you aren't alone.
Take this picture for example. We took about ten until we got this one. Which isn't the perfect picture in any way shape or form. We got into a baby fight about it as well. I was upset that where we were sitting before was a horrible angle and made my face look fat. I thought that Sammy wasn't being considerate and just wanted to make me look bad because he always looks awesome. Which, is a crazy train of thought and not at all what he was trying to do. We had to talk it out, explain, and then finally took this one. 

Another thing that people make look especially awesome are their weddings. They look like the perfect days, from the proposal, planning, everything. Well, this process for me has been anything but perfect. In fact, just days after being engaged I was having a major freakout. Which was then resolved. The waiting period to get engaged was pretty rough for me because I was so impatient. There were many, many, many, many, tears. 

I plan to keep it real over here. Of course not to the point where I'm writing down every argument and every single bad thing and weird thing and thought. But, things also aren't going to be sugarcoated.  Ain't nobody got time to be fake. Life is awesome, lets share how it actually goes down :) 

I'm linking up with Lauren and some of my other favorite real blogs out there :)

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  1. I can SO relate to the 30 pictures taken to get 1 picture that really doesn't look much different than the first then you're thinking your significant other is out to just 1 up you in the looks department. Maybe we can be a little crazy sometimes lol!! And it's a darling picture by the way. Also I love that you admit to being gross it's not even gross but I love holding slugs and snails or any not too threatening bug and my husband finds it repulsive ha! It seems like the trend (and a great one at that) is to talk about being a real person and I am all for it especially in writing the only kind of sugar coated writing I like is fiction stories and half the time I actually wonder if some are real...xoxo

  2. Hahah oh my goodness, story of my life! And Chris can't take a photo to save his life, so even photos that aren't selfies are like blaaaah. I usually ask random strangers to take our photos instead and tell them hold the camera up high and angle it down. Because I'm a diva. ;)

  3. I love your blog because you are so real!!!! Also it should be noted that I am addicted to The Selection series and I have you to thank for that.